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Financial Advice That Upholds Your Vision For The Future

Committed to timely, well-researched and impactful service that actually impacts your life for the better.

As an advisor and co-founder of Journey Strategic Wealth, I believe in the transformative power of collaborative communication and precise attention to detail.


  • Robust planning that addresses the financial realities of our clients, particularly those with concentrated businesses or stock holdings.
  • Foresightful tax optimization that minimizes tax liabilities and maximizes efficiency.
  • Legacy-oriented estate planning to position your loved ones and philanthropic visions for a fulfilling and stable future.
  • Regular conversations with you, which we see as a vital extension of our commitment to unrivaled, high-touch service.


Grow and maintain your hard-earned wealth with strategies that reflect your vision and position you and your loved ones for the future you deserve.


Complex transfers of wealth can be daunting. Our talented, experienced wealth managers prioritize your well-being in the midst of rapidly evolving financial scenarios.


When money moves, taxes follow close behind. We deploy anticipatory, customized tax strategies that optimize each of our client’s tax situations.


Financial Advisor, Partner

Located just outside of New York City, Brian has dedicated his career to helping individuals and families manage their wealth on their terms. As an experienced financial advisor, he knows how important it is to deploy wealth in a manner that lets individuals achieve their dreams. As the co-founder of Journey Strategic Wealth Advisors, he knows the unique challenges and complexities that accompany individuals with an entrepreneurial vision. 

For Brian, the decision to build a business on clear communication is intentional: he knows the power and peace of mind that comes with regular reassurance and steadfast solutions. High-level planning and high-touch service are a rarity in today’s world, but Brian and his team know just how powerful those assets can be for their clients, as they build and preserve the future they desire.


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Our clients come to us from across the country and around the world. When they engage with us, they can rest assured that they’re getting the very best, most efficient financial planning for major money-in-motion events, estate planning and intergenerational transfers of wealth. 

We’re fluent in the many solutions of wealth management. Our team continuously monitors changes to tax codes and laws. We hold regular reviews of our clients’ holdings and anticipate how evolving market, regulatory and economic conditions have the potential to impact our clients, their businesses and the legacies they want for the future. 

We know that our commitment to service is unique and we’re proud to offer our clients a level of communication and personalization that’s truly unparalleled.