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April 12, 2024
Laurie Adams

From Stuck to Strategic: How Coaching Unlocks Your Financial Potential

Each of us has a unique story — our personal relationship with money, what it means to us, our family, our priorities, and our long-term dreams. My dreams included a successful fashion, art, and venture capital career while living worldwide.

But after a family crisis, I found those dreams altered. I needed to find a new path. I discovered that I could use my ability to translate complex issues into understandable terms as a financial advisor, serving women who were going through their life events. That’s how I found my true purpose as an advisor: to create a safe environment where women can explore, share, dream, and learn how to use their money to create an even more fulfilling life. I want all women to see their money as a tool that provides them with the freedom to live more abundantly, more freely, and more purposefully while feeling secure.

Financial Coaching 101: Educate and Empower

A confused mind does not act. As my new career developed, I was surprised at how many women, while successful and affluent, were often overwhelmed by the unknown. As I talked with them about their dreams and what fulfills them, I could see their passion. They had so much they wanted to do and experience in life but lacked the confidence that their money would support those aspirations.

Clients often need help understanding what they have because investments can be confusing, or advisors talk in charts and jargon. Maybe their former advisor didn’t clearly explain the “what” and “why” of their recommendations and actions. Perhaps they never discussed the purpose of their money accumulated over the years. There was no financial education.

That’s why financial coaching is crucial in educating and empowering our clients. Coaching looks for the “why,” helping clients to match their purpose with a plan and investment portfolio built personally for them. My clients find clarity, comfort, and direction through our coaching conversations as they move through evolving life changes. I want them to feel excited and empowered when coming to meet and talk about their financial plans. 

Financial Potential: Proactive, Confident, Collaborative Wealth Management

At the core, I cherish the beauty, joy, and gratitude in all that I do as a financial coach. I thoroughly enjoy my time with my clients, helping them understand their money and working collaboratively to plan their financial futures. It’s important they feel comfortable every step of the way, engaging in a process that’s meaningful to them so they gain confidence and understand how their money works for them. Confidence comes from understanding the purpose and function of investments and knowing what they have and why.

However, good financial management is not just about performance. To create a meaningful wealth plan, I listen carefully to what matters most. Each financial plan is designed to reflect and support their values and renewed vision of the life they envision for themselves and their families.

We work together to define their values and clarify their goals, priorities, and lifestyles. After a careful review of assets and resources, we design a plan that will bring their vision to life. And, as their lives evolve, so does their plan for wealth management. We work actively with each client to adapt to new circumstances and life transitions, from careers to inter-generational planning to retirement. We provide education, emotional support, and financial guidance through each stage, as well as an investment strategy that balances our clients’ desire for safety with their need for growth.

Future State: Supportive Financial Guidance to Live Your Dreams

Financial and investment planning are at the core of what we do for our clients — for you. In this process, we work with you to establish and implement what you need to be content and to feel secure in your future. When circumstances changed my plans, I turned to mentors, friends, and counselors to help guide me through uncertain waters. I want to do the same for you, to navigate life journeys by exploring and understanding your relationships to money and opportunities.

During a major life transition, many women lack the confidence to make smart decisions with their money. We provide the support, education, and guidance women need to move forward with clarity and purpose. This sounds great, but what does it mean? How will your money support your future?

My coaching includes comprehensive fiduciary planning: investments, retirement planning, estate planning, philanthropic planning, and intergenerational planning. I provide comprehensive, conscious, and compassionate planning for women. I combine my heart and brain to serve clients, helping them understand and lean into their wealth. I translate complex issues into understandable terms as their advisor and guide.

Our Financial Coaching Program will help clarify what is meaningful to you and guide you as you move into that new reality, from growth and development to inquiry and personal evolution, then to adventure, freedom, and creativity. Wherever you are on your life journey, we will meet you there with support and guidance. You tell us about your vision, goals, and aspirations. We will listen and guide you to weave those dreams into your unique story. Want to learn more? Book a Call.



Financial Advisor, Managing Director

With deep Seattle roots, Laurie now guides women along the West Coast and across the US as a virtual financial advisor. From a career in international business including art, fashion, and venture capital, she applies insights and experience gained in the corporate planning arena to each individual and family she works with.


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