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June 6, 2024
Laurie Adams

Live Bigger, Give Bigger – Designing Your Meaningful Wealth Management Strategy

‘Meaningful Wealth’ digs deep, beyond the numbers of saving, planning, and investing; it’s about understanding that you have enough money to live your life based on your values. A Meaningful Wealth Plan is the blueprint guiding you to make the most significant financial decisions in your life. It will lead you to ask thoughtful questions about what you care about, what brings you joy, how you want to live, and what you want your wealth to accomplish. It focuses on using your financial resources to create a fulfilling and purposeful life.

My intention and commitment is to help you to gain confidence and truly understand how your money works for you. As a Financial Coach, I act as the architect for women building their financial homes.  I work with them to design a plan aligned with their values, goals, and life vision; one that allows them to fully live into and enjoy it.

It’s a paradigm shift for anyone whose focus for decades has been on making money. You saved to build wealth and now you are comfortable. You wanted to fund your children’s college education; they’ve graduated. You’ve achieved your short-term financial goals, but it’s important to set continuing goals that are meaningful to you and your family. Where do you start? Instead of just making money, now you need to think about using the wealth you’ve built. How do you want to live your life in a way that reflects your values and purpose, where your main objective is not simply obtaining a high portfolio return?

Design Your Life – Self-Inquiry: 

Think back over your lifetime to three shining instances where you experienced deep pride and joy. Think about that time period, that day, that week, that year. What values stand out from those moments of clarity? Those values are an expression of the strength that moved you in new directions and embedded in you a newly focused sense of self.  Name them.   (I’ve added a list of values below for inspiration)

Now, come back to the present. How do we identify the values that bring you onto a new path and move you into a future that defines your joy? How do you redesign your life to pursue those things that fill your spirit while continuing to enjoy your interests and investing in organizations you care about? How will you live on the other side of building your wealth?

A Working Plan – A Collaboration: 

Our process is designed to educate and empower you every step of the way. Here’s how we approach your Meaningful Wealth Plan:

  • Name your values: Identify what truly matters to you, what drives you in the best times of life, from family to career to health to philanthropy to personal growth.  The values you identified in the above exercise are a solid start.  
  • Clarify your goals, priorities, and lifestyle: Your goals and priorities could be short-term, like buying a home or traveling, and long-term, like retirement planning, funding your children’s education, or funding an important cause.
  • Review your assets and resources: Take a comprehensive look at your current financial situation, including your income, savings, investments, and debts to understand what resources you have at your disposal.

Design the plan and bring your vision to life: I work with my clients to plan how they’ll use their resources to achieve their goals. This includes budgeting, saving, investing, and sharing their wealth in a way that aligns with their values.

Strategic Spending

You may have had a vague idea of what you wanted to do with your money when you created your first financial plan. As you passed through each new season of life, you adjusted the plan. As you move from the “building” wealth phase into the “using” wealth phase, it’s time to redefine those goals. You’ve built your nest egg, now it’s time to explore and define the values and activities that bring you joy and satisfaction.

It can be a challenge for someone who has spent decades successfully building wealth through caution and frugality. It takes time, encouragement and coaching to help them “live bigger and give bigger”; to give them a sense of ease with their money. I work with clients on life planning to help them learn to make conscious spending choices aligned with their values and long-term vision. Life planning looks at the human side of financial planning. The goal is to help clients realize what brings the greatest meaning to their lives.

For many women, financial security allows them to support causes that are important to them. Philanthropic planning enables them to make a thoughtful and strategic approach to charitable giving and maximize their donations’ impact while preserving their financial well-being. With philanthropic planning, clients can set goals, choose organizations, and allocate time and resources to create a lasting legacy of charitable giving.

Unleash Your Vision

Imagine you’re financially secure. What matters most to you in life? How do you want your wealth to impact that?  What do you want your money to help you accomplish?  What could it accomplish for others? How would you live? What’s your dream? What would you do if you thought you had all the money you needed for the rest of your life?

Our Financial Coaching Program will help clarify what is meaningful to you and guide you as you move into that new reality, from growth and development to inquiry and personal evolution, then to financial freedom, living your values. Wherever you are on your life journey, we will meet you there with support and guidance. You tell us about your vision, goals, and aspirations. We will listen and guide you to weave those dreams into your unique story.

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Financial Advisor, Managing Director

With deep Seattle roots, Laurie now guides women along the West Coast and across the US as a virtual financial advisor. From a career in international business including art, fashion, and venture capital, she applies insights and experience gained in the corporate planning arena to each individual and family she works with.


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